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Teaching Tip – Year Plans

It’s summer!  Finally!  So why is Denise sending newsletters in the summer???  The next newsletters will be on year plans, month outlines, weekly lesson plans and sub plans.  For my American friends who start school in early August, July might be the time that you’re getting your planning done.  And for my Canadian teachers who […]

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Teaching Tip – Monthly Outlines and Weekly Lessons

This is the time of year when teachers are looking for new ideas and fun approaches to teaching music in the classroom. That’s why Denise wants to bring in her decades of experience to help you with planning out your yearly, monthly, and even weekly plans! In this video, she goes over where on MusicplayOnline […]

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Engaging Activities for Gr. 4-6 Music Classes

Every music class is different. The song that might be the favorite of one class of Grade 4 students, another class might not like. If I introduce a song or activity and the students really dislike it, I’ll put it aside for another year. What do I do with the (fortunately very rare) student who says […]

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Dynamics Lesson Plan for Spring

Dynamics Lesson Plan for K-5 Music Classes Lesson is from the Musicplay 2 curriculum.  For info visit Materials: 1.  Find the Easter Basket  Song #75 Musicplay 2 2.  Dynamics printables, Pop Quiz, Sort the Dynamics activities at Objectives: 1. The students will identify when the music is quiet and when the music is […]

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Musicplay K-5 Synopsis – What Does Musicplay Teach?

I had an email question from a teacher this week. She needed to give a synopsis of what she teaches in each grade to her principal. She asked if I had a synopsis of what’s taught in Musicplay, and I had never written it in this format. So here’s the synopsis. Of course how much […]