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Get Kids Moving, Learning, Behaving

July 24-25, 2017 – Artie and Denise Workshop #8 in Las Vegas, NV REGISTER online!  USA teachers .                 Canadian Teachers Get Kids Moving, Learning, Behaving Music teachers have always known that movement is an essential part of our music classes.  Dalcroze Eurhythmics teaches concepts of rhythm, structure, […]

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Dynamics Lesson Plan for Spring

Dynamics Lesson Plan for K-5 Music Classes Lesson is from the Musicplay 2 curriculum.  For info visit Materials: 1.  Find the Easter Basket  Song #75 Musicplay 2 2.  Dynamics printables, Pop Quiz, Sort the Dynamics activities at Objectives: 1. The students will identify when the music is quiet and when the music is […]

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Peter and the Wolf Unit

Peter and the Wolf Lessons Peter and the Wolf is a timeless classic.  There are many musical concepts to teach using this wonderful composition.  If you’re done teaching for this school year (lucky you!) this is a great time to plan your units for next year.  If you’re still in class, these movies could be […]

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Get Them Listening!

We are surrounded with sound all day every day.  But are our students actually listening?  Every teacher in your school would like to have students in their classes that are better listeners.  Here are some ways that music teachers can really help the students improve their listening skills. Make students more aware of sounds in […]