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Dance Unit

The newest unit at is a dance unit.  (Resources are also available as print/disk or download!)   Start by logging into your MusicplayOnline account and head over to the Units section. When you click on the button you’ll see Festivals & Holidays is the default unit.  At the top of the page you’ll see […]

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Name Games and Activities to start the school year

Some music teachers teach more than a thousand students each week and it can be very difficult to remember the names. Starting your first classes with a name game will help you to remember those names – at least for this music class!  If you go the Back to School Unit in Units at, […]

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Easter Egg Fun and Games

Did you know Musicplay Online has a new Easter Unit AND a new Spring Unit? Easter Egg Games with songs Gr. 2 #79 Hide the Easter Eggs – piggyback tune Gr. 3 #79 Hide Those Eggs – original song 1.  Teach the children the song by rote.  (choose the song you like best!) 2.  Game Directions: […]

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Did you know MusicplayOnline has a new Easter Unit AND a new Spring Unit? Related Songs  There are lots of Easter and Bunny/Rabbit Songs:      Compose a melody for Easter or Spring!  There’s a so-mi version, a do-re-mi version and a drm sl or CDE GA version.       Easter Egg Hunt Practice […]

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St. Patricks Day Lesson Ideas

We are LOVING the new St. Patrick’s Day unit on Musicplay Online. There are so many amazing lessons, projectable materials, worksheets, movies and games.  This week to get you started we will share a teaching process for using the melodic composition lesson.  There are two lessons available on Musicplay Online and many options are provided to […]

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Valentine’s Day Unit on MusicplayOnline

With less than two weeks until Valentine’s Day, the Musicplay Online team has been busy preparing some NEW activities available on the site. The great thing about these activities – they are so versatile. This week we will share with you some ways to integrate these activities with a variety of songs and how they can […]