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Outside Games & Recorder Composition

Outside Music Classes For those of you in the south, you’ve had nice weather for a while now.  But up north in Alberta, the last snowfall was May 5th.    After a long winter, when nice weather finally arrives everyone wants to be outside – students AND teachers.     I really enjoy taking music class outside.  Singing […]

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Did you know MusicplayOnline has a new Easter Unit AND a new Spring Unit? Related Songs  There are lots of Easter and Bunny/Rabbit Songs:      Compose a melody for Easter or Spring!  There’s a so-mi version, a do-re-mi version and a drm sl or CDE GA version.       Easter Egg Hunt Practice […]

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Mother’s Day Activities

Mother’s Day 2018  is May 13th There are some great songs for Mother’s Day in Musicplay: Musicplay for Kindergarten #143 Moms are Special – there is a class Big Book template available for this song in the Printables section at Musicplay 1 – #97 That’s My Mom Musicplay 2 – #83 Mom, You’re the Best […]

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Easter Dynamics and Composition Lesson

Find the Easter Basket A fun lesson for the week before Easter, would be to teach your classes, Find the Easter Basket.  This has always been a favorite lesson for me to teach before Easter.  It’s a great opportunity to review dynamics, including crescendo and decrescendo or diminuendo. Process: if teaching to K, teach the […]