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E-Learning Music Lessons with Musicplayonline

With Coronavirus cases topping 100,000 worldwide, schools are starting to close and teachers are having to teach their music classes online. There are a variety of ways to do this. One of our Shanghai teachers has been teaching by making videos for her students, posting them on YouTube and sending them the link. Some teachers are going to try to teach virtually using Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype. At Musicplayonline, our first response to the possibility of students need learning at home lessons was to open additional areas of the Musicplayonline website to students. The following areas of Musicplayonline are now open to students:

  1. Song videos – lyrics, notation, highlights and kids demos
  2. Interactive activities: solfa challenge (new!) interactive rhythm
  3. Listening
  4. Solfa Practice and Rhythm Practice
  5. Recorder
  6. Ukulele
  7. Guitar
  8. UNITS
  9. Rhythm and Melody Composition Tools

With all this content available to students, they’ll be able to continue singing, moving, read/writing, and creating music at home!

In addition, we’re building (and will have v.1 online approx March 20) a new section where e-Learning lessons will be housed. Until the new section is live, I’m going to post e-Learning lessons for the week in the printables for song 1 of PreK, Time for Music.

I’ve written lessons for Grades 1-2-3 students for March week 3 and will post them online, as well as in this blog post. I’ve made these lessons as a fillable pdf, with places for you, the teacher, to add notes to your students. Just download the lesson pdf, add your notes, save it, and you can send it out to your students. I’ve included I Can statements, step by step directions, and screen shots of all the activities.

Who can use the student login? If you are a subscriber to your students can have access to the website with no extra charge! They DON’T create an account. They use a special student login that we change every 3 months. Until April 1st, the student login is snow and the password is 2020. That will change April 1st, and we’ll post it in the red NOTICES box on the online site. (We change it so only subscribers students can use the site)

In addition to the Grade 1-3 lessons (and K), we’ve got some excellent units that will provide great e-Learning opportunities for your Grade 4-6 students. If they are learning recorder, ukulele or guitar those sections have many songs and links to fun pop songs. There is an excellent unit on the STAFF in the UNITS section. I’ve written a guide to it and will attach it below. There are places for teacher’s notes in the guide, so if you have additional activites you want students to do, you can include the instructions in one pdf.

We hope everyone stays healthy through this pandemic!

Denise and the Musicplay team!

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Thank you for taking the time to create these! Your thoughtfullness and generous time is so appreciated in this time of uncertainty!

[…] MusicplayOnline is Denise Gagne’s Musicplay curriculum’s online supplement. Denise gives a one-month free subscription. Her curriculum is made for preschool through grade six. The online supplement offers lessons, manipuatives, videos of the lessons, videos of songs, virtual instruments, rhythm videos, dance videos, and so much more. This is one of the most affordable online curriculum that is field-tested and raved about by numerous elementary music educators. Denise is also placing e-Lessons on her Musicplayonline facebook group. In addition, she just announced the following about her elessons for the month of March: […]

Hello, I’m hoping this message reaches Denise. I’m a music teacher in PEI. My younger students have learned the song soap and water and I know it would be fantastic if there was a YouTube version they could sing a long with. I know that many of them don’t have computers but almost all have a phone they could at least listen and teach their parents the words. Very inspiring song. We were working on it at school with grades k to 3. Thank you for any help with this. Wendy

Hi Denise!
I tried to access your site today and couldn’t
get in with the snow and 2020.
Could you please fix that?
I am using your site to help my kids in Powell, OH to continue their learning. We are now shut down until May 1.
Thanks so much!

Mrs. Myers,
Hello this is Dawn LeMoine, Aviana LeMoine,s mother,can you please message me your contact info. Thank You!
Dawn LeMoine

When is the free student access going to end? Trying to plan and figure things out accordingly. I’m in Arizona and this isn’t going away anytime soon, unfortunately. I was trying to figure out how student accounts work tonight to find that the site is still accessible!
Thanks for all you do, by the way. It is much appreciated.

The free student access to Musicplayonline will end when we close the classic site. We require teachers to be subscribers now to the Beta site.

Classic site:
Beta site:

Advantages of the Beta – you can create direct links for students to any video or interactive activity.
For example: Here’s a direct link to the lyrics for Elephants Have Wrinkles – in my PreK lesson for Jan. week 1.

Hi Denise. I have enjoyed looking at the student level access to I appreciate, as I’m sure other do, that you’ve made such a wonderful resource available to students and teachers during this pandemic.

I am interested in finding out more about the teacher subscription rates for 2020-21 as I will be teaching online for a good part of the year. Thank you! Be well!

You can purchase a subscription here:
It’s good for 12 months from date of purchase.

Do you teach elementary music? Musicplay is the affordable sequenced curriculum for teaching PreK – Grade 6 music. Now there is an online resource with everything that is in Musicplay – and so much more! Over 1000 songs to choose from with lyric movies, notation movies, kids demos, song activities, lesson plans, interactive activities, printables, concept slides, and so much more! You can search songs by keyword (graduation), tone set (high do), or rhythm!

The Musicplay Digital Resources include song movies and kids demo movies of every song. These are all online, plus we’ve added note highlight movies to help children learn solfege and note reading! Concept Teaching slides from the PowerPoints are found in ‘Concept Slides.’ The song activities, weekly outlines, monthly outlines, tracking sheets, and more can be found in the Lesson Planning Section. The best part is that all of this and more is available at your fingertips wherever you are!

Check out all that this amazing resource has to offer you! Create a free account at today and receive your first month free!

Who is this for?
Elementary Music Teachers
Music Specialists
General Classroom Teachers
Private Music Teachers
Students PreK – Grade 6
What do you get for $190.48 Canadian or $149.95 USD/year?
Teacher access (for one teacher who teachers in multiple schools); OR School access (access for all teachers in one school)
Student access (a student account for a teacher’s account that is currently valid)
Order Notes
For more Purchase Options (PO#, invoice to the school), email this form to or fax to 1-888-562-4647:
Order Form. | Multi-teacher Order Form
When the subscription is processed, our team will send you a subscription code via email. It may take one to two business days to process your order. Purchase an online subscription by completing the form above and continue to the checkout page.

Thank you very much for sharing these ideas. I really appreciate your efforts for creating this exceptionally well content. I was looking for such content about e-learning music lessons with musicplayonline, you have really helped me with the same, great post!!

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