Holiday Concert Scripts Wanted

Holiday concerts are just around the corner. What do you have planned for your Holiday concert? Do you put on a full musical or do you choose songs that you, the students and the parents love and perform them, maybe based around a theme. Some of the themes I’ve used have included:

  • Holiday Lights
  • Christmas Cards and Greetings
  • Christmas is my Favorite Time of Year

Do you write your own scripts for your holiday concert?

Thanks to all who’ve sent scripts! I’d love to have more on a variety of themes to put together a collection of teacher written scripts. Scripts must be original, and can not have been submitted elsewhere, including MK8 listserv. Teachers will be paid if scripts are used, and will receive free copies of the script collection.

Scripts can be sent to:

Themes & Variations

Canadian Office
#2-4664 Riverside Drive
Red Deer, Alberta T4N 6Y5

US Office
PO Box 309
Danville, WA, 99121

Phone/Fax 1-888-562-4647 (real people answer our phones!)


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