Lesson Plans

Winter Rhythms Lesson Plan

Target Concept:   – notate the rhythm of the words Grade Level:  Grades 2-5 In this activity, the students sort the words into the rhythm that they match. This is a great way to have them begin notation of their own poems and songs.  Have them add some words of their own.  I think I should […]


Ready for Recorder?

Ready for Recorders?    For many teachers, January is when the students in Grade 3, 4, or 5 start learning to play the recorder. While the recorder may seem like a simple instrument, there are many skills needed to be successful. Students must be able to: * tell which is their left and right hands * hold the recorder […]

Music Theory

Floor Staff Games

Floor Staff games are a great way to teach your students the numbers of the lines and spaces, and the pitch names of notes on the staff.  This is music theory without the worksheets! Making a Floor Staff:    Use painter’s tape to put a giant staff on the floor. Painter’s tape won’t hurt the […]


Snowman Pointing Page

Steady Beat Tracking from left to right Beat Pointing Page To Do: Sing and create actions to go with the song. Snowman, Snowman  Pretend to roll a heavy snowball Round and Fat Show a fat snowball with your arms. Make a giant snowman  Show the big, medium and small snowballs with arms Just like that  On […]


Holiday Concert Scripts Wanted

Holiday concerts are just around the corner. What do you have planned for your Holiday concert? Do you put on a full musical or do you choose songs that you, the students and the parents love and perform them, maybe based around a theme. Some of the themes I’ve used have included: Holiday Lights Christmas Cards and Greetings Christmas […]


Assessment of Performances

Assessment of Performances If students have performed in a holiday concert, give them the opportunity to identify and give examples of their strengths and areas for growth as musical performers and as audience members.  There are different ways that they can evaluate their performance. Discussion The teacher could ask the class questions. For example: – […]