Snowman Pointing Page

Steady Beat
Tracking from left to right

Beat Pointing Page To Do:
Snowman Beat Pointing Page

  1. Sing and create actions to go with the song.
    Snowman, Snowman  Pretend to roll a heavy snowball
    Round and Fat Show a fat snowball with your arms.
    Make a giant snowman  Show the big, medium and small snowballs with arms
    Just like that  On the word “that” make a snowman pose

    The first time you sing, make a giant snowball. The second time, make a medium sized snowball, and the last a small snowball.

  2. Sing and pat the beat. At the end of the song make a snowman pose.
  3. Accompany your singing with C and G (or D/A, F/C) on the barred instruments. Play a finger cymbal in the rests.
  4. The teacher models tapping on the beat chart.
    • Say, “Boys and girls, I’m going to tap the beats on my pointing page as we sing. Watch me.”
    • Sing and tap the beats (boxes).
    • Ask them if there are snowmen in every box. (no)
    • Have them watch you tap the beats again to see if you tap the beat on the empty boxes. (yes you do)
  5. Find ways to model the tapping as many times as you can.
    • let’s use our speaking/whisper/shouting/singing voice while I tap the beat
    • let’s try it fast/slow
    • let’s try singing one line, and “thinking” the next
    • let’s try having the boys sing one line and girls sing the next
  6. Give each of the students the Snowman Beat pointing page and a pointer.  You can use a craft stick, witchy fingers, or stir stick for pointers. Sing and have the students point to the boxes (beats) as they sing. You may have to do this for more than one class for them to be successful, especially if this is their first time with a pointing page.
  7. When the students are successful, or with an older class, use the high-low, rhythm pointing page.

High/Low and Rhythm Pointing Page (Use with older students)

Snowman High/Low and Rhythm Pointing Page (Use with older students)

  1. Sing and point to the boxes
  2. Sing and point the boxes. Some have two sounds and some have one.
  3. Are there some boxes (beats) with no sound? Draw a rest in the box with no sound.
  4. Draw one line in the boxes with one snowman. Draw two lines in the boxes with 2 snowmen.
  5. Sing and point to the higher and lower snowmen. If you have labelled so and mi, have them draw an s on the higher snowman and a m on the lower one. Sing the solfa.

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